“The way I see things, everyone is entitled to their opinion…”

You say “enlightened mujeres” as if that’s a bad thing? And as if that is new…You call out the medium we use to tell our stories yet it is the same medium you use…

You say don’t be outraged if you respond to our “attacks” so in that case don’t be outraged by our response to the vilification of our voices by you.

You are asking us to ignore experiences we’ve had because they involved “brown men” and our stories do not “support MAS”. You are asking us to do the same thing you claim to be against—the silencing of stories. The silencing of herstories/ histories (or are you just against silencing the latter?). Box that shit up because it might make people angry/hurt/ feel oppressed… it’s racist (because against brown men). Who the fuck does that sound like?!

Open your eyes and heart! You’re right about one thing. This is NOT ABOUT YOU or even Sean. This is not personal so please STOP MAKING THIS ABOUT YOU! You are not my savior, nor is Sean. Your stories do not encompass me, save me, or support me.

I realize that I can turn away, not read but the shit you are spouting is public and many around the country take it as truth and OUR story! Many, as I have, know you as someone who “fights for MAS” and wouldn’t do something to hurt our community so your voice must come correct…. But I’m telling you now, that shit is wrong and hurtful. Your shit is fucked up. And NO it is NOT just “las mujeres” (the women who are brave enough to tell their stories even under your heavy vilification…) saying this! There is a reason why not many folks are liking your shit spouting right now…The fact that folks like ‘El Machete Lopez’ can come on a thread of yours supporting your opinion and spout hate speech like ‘lesbians are man haters and can smell testosterone’ and get away w/ that shit w/you is sickening and shows how blind you are to other injustices. You can use us when needed… when it makes MAS look good ‘This is my white friend, my queer friend, my black friend, my woman friend…’ See I don’t hate so and so…I support all people—makes me sad.

I can go on and on but sadly I don’t think you will get it…but I hope you do. At one point at a meeting you apologized for being “divisive’ with the community. YOU ARE DOING IT NOW. PLEASE STOP! Please go read, discuss, examine with an open mind and heart. Go outside those you know who support this rhetoric you are spewing (especially if people who support you are like El Machete…). I write this not asking for a response but for you to take some time to actually examine why you feel the need to write. Is it really to support the community? The whole community? Or to protect your “brown brothers” and which ones? THINK and STOP please until you figure this out….Who really has lost focus? And how can we focus if we are not only being silenced by Pedicone, Horne, and Huppenthal, but by our own community?

3 thoughts on ““The way I see things, everyone is entitled to their opinion…”

  1. First they came to fight for the Mexican American Studies (MAS) classes bringing in the big guns, threatening behaviors, and “warrior” passion.

    They furthered divisions within the community and then they came for the women who refused to play by their rules.

    Now they have made it personal, going after youth who speak the inconvenient truths of history.

    Next they may come for you.

  2. I understand the need to speak up. But how will this public infighting stop him? This is adding fuel to the fire. You are playing into the very same arena that he just LOVES to spar in. You can make veiled and unveiled attacks on each other for a long time, and I for one will find it enormously entertaining to watch from the sidelines. You need some better ideas.

  3. I don’t want to get involved in personal attacks, mainly because I don’t know enough of the facts and the backstories. And there are some posts on here that I’m not sure are justified (not saying they aren’t, I’m just not sure). But I think the space malintZINE provides is wonderful. It’s not fighting fire with fire, it’s just a space to get those herstories and voices that have been silenced out into the open.

    I strongly believe that the more voices that can contribute, the more vibrant, successful and truly representative the community/movement will be.

    Also this blog is extremely young and to criticize it before seeing how it grows and what it can become is, in my opinion, shortsighted.

    I have high hopes for the future of malintZINE. Sky’s the limit!

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