Call for submissions!

Call for submissions!

January 26, 2013

Call for submissions!

We are malintZINE, an online zine featuring the stories, thoughts, and interests of radical mujeres, some of color and some queer, based in Tucson, Arizona. We’re putting together a paper zine while we prepare for some exciting upcoming events in March—and we want your contribution! Send us your original writing, and, especially, your graphics, comics, and any other form of visual art.

Artists: we’re only accepting submissions online, so please scan your art and send it to us! If you have an art piece to submit, but it can’t be scanned or photographed, contact us—we’ll see what we can do to record and include your work.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: February 14, 2013

To submit contact us at

* Not everything submitted will make it in to the 1st publication of the zine; however, it may be included at The editorial board will select the final writings and arte for zine. We will not publish writing that re-creates violence and oppression, or that normalizes problematic language/content—for more info, check out our online zine:

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