I too

I too know this rage of which my sisters speak
I too feel it burning inside of me
I too feel an explosion imminent because I.am.so.tired.of.this.shit.
Hey man,
You think your oppression is bad?
Imagine millennia of suffocation by idiots who can’t possibly imagine
that their wives/daughters/friends/sisters might know better than them
Might lead better than them
Imagine being suffocated from nearly beyond your depth of memory
And knowing
That your suffocation is the reason for the state of things today
Imagine trying to say it out loud to men
Who laugh at you
Call you a whore looking to get with the next “big” man
Who try to bed you and pretend they care
Who pretend to listen and then next thing you hear they’re out oppressing some other woman
Imagine the rage choking when watching your sisters
Suffocating on their self-hatred
Their insecurity
Their desires
Their attempts
Their fear
Their traumas
The denials
Imagine watching this for centuries, these blessings being trampled
This life being crushed
By men who truly don’t.give.a.shit
Imagine the depth of that rage
Imagine watching the world in flames
The oppression so deep
And knowing that the men still won’t give women a chance.
They’d rather sink the ship
Than admit
Let us all die for their vain arrogance
Kill the Mother rather than stop: love and honor her
Imagine trauma compounded by a woman’s love and nurturing
watching the earth, the animals, the birds, the air, the water, the blessed gifts
undergoing profound suffering the likes of which can barely be fathomed
And knowing that women are shackled, 
unable yet to break free to protect their Mother again 
and show her the worship they are missing,
that she is missing,
to have again that depth of love, that spiraling cycle of love that just gets deeper,
not from a man,
but from the Mother who gives it always, anyway, despite.
Who grew us all.  Despite.  Who gives us every breath.  Despite.  Who heals us and comforts us.  Despite.
Imagine that rage.
At being held back from that.
And being stuck in this Hell
With blind idiots who don’t understand the meaning of depth
Who think to become a man – to age into it – is all the growth they need
Who can’t see us choking on the lives we are forced to live
And who still won’t.admit.shit.
I too feel that rage
I too feel it burning inside of me
I too can barely take it anymore
I too need some options.  I need to catch my breath.
I’m tired of the suffocation
And being surrounded by jerks

3 thoughts on “I too

  1. “And knowing that the men still won’t give women a chance.
    They’d rather sink the ship
    Than admit”

    That basically encapsulates the hundreds of years of European colonial history. It’s hard to imagine that our world, that our earth, wouldn’t be many times better if more women were our presidents, our prime ministers, our generals, our CEOs and bosses, our judges and lawyers, our researchers and scientists.

    Would we be facing global warming, endless wars, racist laws, and the oppression of capitalism if women had lead us to our present day? I think not.

  2. I couldn’t sleep last night because of thinking about how my Father wouldn’t allow my dreams to come true. He’s gone now and i, rationally, know that he was doing what he thought was right. He didn’t mean to “suffocate” me.

    I know now that i have this problem of not being able to stop thinking about “What if…?” I need to stop that obsession with the past and move forward. And i need to do it with the help of my sisters and friends and brothers of good will.

    Thank you for this poem.

    P. S. There’s a typo: Instead of “…might know better them” it should be “…might know better THAN them”

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