Anonymous is a Woman

Why do (some) people keep complaining that those of us writing original work for this blog are choosing to remain anonymous? Why are you so uncomfortable? Is it a problem because we don’t need credit for our words? Are you disturbed because our egos don’t need stroking with pats on the back and high-fives? Does it bother you to not have a specific target to aim at when you disagree? Are you afraid that it’s your sister, your girlfriend, your mother who’s writing — and you don’t know?

We speak collectively because of our politics. We do not claim authorship for each individual piece because our experiences are shared by many women. We are creating safety for ourselves and our sisters by speaking our truth. We are unnamed because we are everywhere. You should assume that every single piece that has been published so far was written by a different woman. That’s a lot of voices rising in unity!

The other day, I heard someone call this “K’s blog.” Well, it’s not K’s blog, or A’s blog, or B’s blog. Dozens of women — an entire alphabet of mujeres — have already contributed, and a collective is staffing the submissions email addy, the Twitter feed, the FB page, and the Tumblr. This is not the work of one woman, no matter how awesome she may be. This is the work of many, and we are moving like wildfire, burning away patriarchal debris and illuminating a woman-centered landscape.

Just so you know — I’m not a member of the editorial collective, and my view on why anonymity is important may resonate with them, but it may not. You don’t know who I am, your assumptions are probably wrong, and you don’t have any say about what is going on here. You can’t bully us, and you can’t beat us. But you should definitely listen to us.

5 thoughts on “Anonymous is a Woman

  1. Pretty sure those people are upset about the anonymity because it means they don’t know who to attack.
    How can they conquer and defeat an enemy that doesn’t show itself? Oh wait, the ‘enemy’ does show itself, it shows itself clearly as a collective of women. Too bad the personal ad hominem attacks, the vicious shaming, and intentional dismissal, (the weapons of choice by many of this blog’s opponents) are useless against such an ‘enemy’.

    “Are you afraid that it’s your sister, your girlfriend, your mother who’s writing — and you don’t know?” – This is a very good observation and an interesting point that hadn’t occurred to me. I think there is definitely some truth in there.
    What does it mean to a man if the women in his own life have access to a voice through this blog? Might he be exposed? Might his actions be questioned? Might his ‘power’ be challenged?

  2. I enjoy the material and perspective that maltintZINE is providing. I agree with writing anonymously. It can be empowering and encouraging to womyn in the community to have such a forum. However there is a difference between writing anonymously for empowerment and writing anonymously for vitriol. I think it is in very poor taste that there are multiple articles fully naming men in our community and calling for judgment against them. To start an online forum for such a peronal vendetta is hypocritical. It is my opinion that specific anonymous writer(s) should have more integrity and not hide behind anonymity when they have no problem specifically naming community members. If you have to write anonymously to express yourself freely then you also should be offering the same respect to people in the community and write blindly when you want to spread gossip about people.

    • “Gossip” implies rumor or hearsay and nothing here on malintZINE is gossip. Its pretty ridiculous that you come here (you totally don’t have to read the zine, btw) with commentary on anonymity and vitriol, with an anonymous comment under the identity of “XI” with a triggering comment (we have enough haters) about us having behaved in “very poor taste” or having “hypocritical peronal vendetta”. You should just be specific on what it is you think isn’t true, because we’ve been gentle, extremely gentle about anyone we’ve named. We don’t have any respect to offer and asking us to offer respect to men/people in our community who have been more than disrespectful to us is like spitting in our wounds.

  3. I think you are right. You struggle with respect and do not seem to have any to offer. My comment is about writing anonymously. The articles I mention address community members and they do not contain journalistic facts detailing an event. They are personal opinions and that is vitriolic gossip. Do you want to know my name so you can write something slanderous about me? Again, a hypoctrical statement, it is only all right for writers here to be anonymous but not for anyone else. There is no such thing as perfection in this world and yes that includes you.

    • XI- The model is and will continue to be that malintZine welcomes and publishes anonymous submissions from the community here in Tucson and from around the country. We do not feel that it is necessary to further explain this model beyond what is already published here in this blog. Obviously- this is an open website and you’re welcome to continue reading- but this is our safe space that we created under our terms and if you don’t like it you do not have to read it. We don’t struggle with respect but again we have none to offer haters or men who have violated folks with violent language or behavior. There ain’t no personal opinions here, it’s all real.

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