Attn: Voices Needed

Voices Needed
Because that one time at the bar you felt it was okay to go up my skirt with your hand
Because my drink made me sloppy drunk with a few sips
AND you took advantage
Voices Needed
Because community peeps for ‘social justice’ feel that it’s okay to support a rapist instead of their semillas
Because that movie tells ‘our’ story ‘so beautifully’
AND semillas need sunlight to grow… NOT… shade…
Voices Needed
Because young girls can get raped because they ‘drank too much’, ‘wore that dress’ and ‘were looking for action’
Because those beautiful wombyn find ways to stop their breath
AND they need to keep on…going….
Voices Needed
Because sexism, misogyny, and patriarchy are ‘not a big deal’ and make us ‘lose focus’
Because movements need to keep moving and ‘your shit is a roadblock’;  ‘you’re a manhater’
AND we raise and love men
Voices Needed
Because our stories continue to be questioned
Because we are told, ‘Police report please’ and ‘be consistent with your story’
AND our traumas, our fears are carried so deep inside us nothing… comes… out
Voices Needed
Because I can go on and on with these stories
Because you think you know who wrote this yet it is not who you think because these stories. feelings. are common…
AND they need to be STOPPED. SUPPORTED.

One thought on “Attn: Voices Needed

  1. This is deep. And beautiful. When I first heard of the Raza studies program in Tucson I heard of these brilliant brilliant powerful students, these young visionaries with the power to make beautiful and deep changes in society. I saw their work, and their work re-inspired me.
    Today I see that so many of these brilliants were cast down, were alienated, became isolated, due to leaders taking over and taking power and forgetting what the struggle is.
    I don’t want leaders. I don’t want to be led. I want the people to have visions and be strong. I want young people to be held up in esteem for they give us and will bring us, and not cast down, not drown in alienation, not in a weakened state to confront the tasks before them, not silenced in suffocation.
    Not for “leaders” that were never needed in the first place.
    I can’t wait for the semillas to re-enter the struggle on a deep level (and malintzine is part of that it seems). I hope this time they will feel their contributions held in esteem. I hope they will feel loved and will bring the changes I saw them so capable of. This is so needed for our society, and I saw them capable, and it gave me hope that I had not had in many many years.
    And I still have that hope today. It never left me.

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