Are Pictures Preferred Because They Can’t Talk Back To You?

Do you all realize what has happened?

Photos, films and still life displays are being favored over the living, breathing human individuals themselves.

These captured moments in time – immortalized forever – reminding us of the “good old days” when everyone could actually work and function together for a more just and historically accurate education, one that represented us all.  These frozen and professionally edited images take us back to a nostalgic time, back to when we once respected each other, when we once felt safe around one another, back to when we once trusted each other.

We go back and reminisce because currently those sentiments no longer exist.

In the Tucson Ethnic Studies community in the year 2013 that is gone now.
And rather than work hard and attentively to regain back what has been lost with honesty, humility, dignity and a sense of moral values we cling on to physical objects that allow us an escapist type sense of comfort; looking to the past, obsessing with the past, fetishizing the past.

As if the present and future growth of this community is no longer important.

I don’t want to be part of any movement that uses disillusionment as a coping mechanism to unacknowledged and unresolved forms of gender violence.

What a waste of energy that must be, to uphold a glossy paper and roll of film movement – a voiceless shadow movement toured around the country rather than upholding the actual local community base itself that is absolutely hurting right now.

That is not building, that’s just showcasing to unaware spectators all of our faces that are no longer present, our mouths that are no longer open, and our eyes that no longer see truth.

3 thoughts on “Are Pictures Preferred Because They Can’t Talk Back To You?

  1. Interesting and reflective response. Yes, showing photos of what the ethnic studies movement USED TO BE definitively silences the present. The disingenuous factor is increased if these photos are displayed at events where pleas for money that are siphoned into accounts that lack any community accountability or oversight.

    Tezcatlipoca question: Why is it wrong for a photographer to charge a small fee for reprints of his movement photos but okay for a SES teacher (who by the way is also half-white) to start Limited Liability Company or LLC and make money off of the MAS curriculum and the movement?

  2. Great questions Cherrie. The pleas for money to line the pockets of legal counsel and wife is less than disingenous. I heard that she was making a very high salary from SES $ at one time…and God only knows how much money the attorney has absorbed for his “work” on the case, in which, to this point, he is batting ZERO. God should not be the only one who knows. The information should be made public. Hum, maybe Three Sonorans can demand disclosure? Ooops; forgot his amigos are off limits. Hopefully the new attorneys on the case will salvage it for the sake of our youth.

    My papa is also white but fully immersed in my mother’s culture. He has insisted that I identify only as Chicana. One of these days, many centuries from now, we will all realize that our point of origin was the same. Race and ethnicity are human constructs. Until then we must fight oppression from every angle.

    I am forever thankful for Malintzine for opening a door to feminists (womyn and men) to a place that embraces us all.

    Haha what a fucking joke more like if you don’t agree with my views or overdose on my bias I’m gonna painted you as the enemy.

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