We Will Not Be Sacrificial Lambs, No More

I will always tell her, “Look deep inside yourself.”

It is still in you- that light, that fire.
Something which you once felt burned out and you would never be able to find again.
Feeling you’ll always carry that banner over your head of what has happened to you.
I will never let anyone blame your drinking for the cause of this.
What a man did,

with his actions, his decisions, and his intentions.
You were there to celebrate and spread love.
He was there to own for the night,
a pretty little trinket to claim all his own,

behind the back of his lover.
No, I will not be silent on this.
I will make sure no girl, woman, mujer
Ever has to go through what I went through again.
Across this nation-
In any movement.

I will be there to aid her and say,
Nothing has a price so high- nothing is worth turning a woman into a voiceless shadow.
                We will not be sacrificial lambs, no more.
When her drinking only reflected the endemic mirror of everyone else around her.
She will not be singled out, left to walk alone in the dark,

And told
That is why she was raped.
The “R-word.”
To not even say it-
when she,

This warrior for you has dropped so low.
Because of a man’s choice exercised by his acidic privilege.
This will never happen again, I promise.
You all couldn’t handle the mirror being reflected back onto you, so you picked an easy veil.
A scape goat,

to place all your guilt upon.
When her own guilt made her want to jump off mountains.
                Never again.
I will be there by her side and tell her it’s alright to go to the hospital right when things first go wrong; you don’t have to be frightened.
I will tell her the days will pass like dreams,
like water off your back,
When you surround yourself in beautiful things.
Like love.
Like people that absolutely love you.
Like green, like nature, like deep sentiments expressed through visual, sonic , and sensational forms of art.
Of creation which comes from deep inside of you-
In a most scared of realms.
Yes, never again.
This has been what’s keeping our movements back.
                You X out a prophet for a profit,
                and all because she is a woman.
Your world tries to function on back to normal as possible,
“Pobre puta…anyways…”
But no,

Not when she is warrior

in the form of a woman.
Not when she has left so many footprints and trails for you to follow, and build, and walk upon.
A name like a whisper on the wind-
always asking,
always asking.

People always asking,
“Where has this Red earth, Black woman gone?”
                She will return as low rumbling thunder.
                And I just got the first whiff of rain.

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