Come on Bro, is our turn.

“In the struggle to give voice to our experiences, working class -people of color encounter multiple mechanisms to silence us. More particularly, we encounter silencing when our voices speak of resistance to injustice- both against ourselves and our peoples. And yet, colonization is the historical legacy that continues to haunt us, even today. The ability to effectively promote justice requires vigilance so that we may immunize ourselves against the paralysis that comes from being silenced.” Teresa Cordova.

We have been silenced. Yeah I am kind of aggressive. I have notice that my aggressiveness comes out of the history of women of color who have been oppressed for centuries. I don’t expect you to understand fully what I mean when I say women are at a disadvantage in a global perspective, but it is simple enough to understand that women are seen as less when you look at music videos, women make up 52% of the world’s population and 70% of free labor is done by women, c’mon bro.

We have been silenced. I don’t expect you to know this, because we have been erased, put to the side, the bottom, outside the margins, inside a closet in this male dominated history. Do you know about La Malinche the most educated women in Mexican history who knew multiple languages when others did not? Yet, she is seen as a sellout. She was talented to me. Did you know that ANA MARIA ZAPATA was Emiliano’s Zapata’s daughter, and she started the first Mexican Women Revolutionary Union? C’mon Bro.

We have been silenced. So when you tell me, don’t be too sensitive, don’t be feisty, realized that you are silencing a chain of already silenced voices. C’mon Bro.

We have been silenced. When you silence me you are denying my experience that allows me to speak up. You are denying my sleepless nights thinking about how can I be better for this patriarchal world and how can I communicate but guess what? I do not want to be like that to the world. I do not want to fit into the mold that has been created for us. You are denying my hard work, determination, life experiences that have made me the person that I am now. C’mon Bro.

We have been silenced. We have been silenced for too long now.  We need to raise up and speak up, even if it is feisty. So don’t tell me to be quiet.

C’mon bro, would you like your daughters to be silenced too?  


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