Army of We

mi hermana, my sister
 the first time I met you
i was struck by the lightning in your eyes
it flows through you and
Electrifies the world
en tus ojos I also see the pain you carry
generations of trauma
which con fuerza you have learned
to flip on its head
cus you got that feminine strength
to squeeze power from pain
and spread it to la familia, el pueblo
even when you’re worn down
still that energy smoulders behind eyes that
see past this violent, greedy world
where ego rules and where no matter how
“ugly” or “pretty”
how hard or submissive
how promiscuous or how modest
us mujeres force oursleves to be
it is never enough to stop
the daily attacks
the Big Ones
and the ones they say are small
(but — we know hearing the word pussy used
to mean “weak” over and over ain’t no small thing)
Hermana, you woke me from a deep sleep
when you told me that
we dream the same dreams
dreams of a new world we are building
cus you know we eat double standards for breakfast
and ego trippin foolishness
as a midnight snack.
This patriarchy we inherited —
is our own personal composting toilet
we take that shit, transform it, return it to our
Mama Tierra
she gives us flowers, medicine, food
in the world we are imagining
and Together building,
where there is space enough for
all of you
all of me
all of us
and all our dreams

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