Pretty Baby

hey pretty baby… who told you?

who told you that you were trash?

who told you that you weren’t worth a. damn.

who told you that you weren’t meant for more? that you were just poor.

how old were you when you realized those pitied people was you?

oh pretty baby, who told you, you wasn’t worth a damn?

when did it sink into that pretty brown skin?

when did you let the outside in?

who told you, you had to hide who you were?

who taught you shame?

who taught you hate?

how young were you when you learned to hate who you were and what came with it?

hate your flesh. hate their flesh because you came from them.

hide your flesh. hide their flesh.

when did you start hiding pretty baby?

how many times did they tell you, you weren’t worth a damn?


oh pretty baby…

im oh so sorry they hurt you.

oh so sorry they lied.

so sorry you had to hide.

they were never right.

you were always meant for more.

get them out. let them out.

love your flesh.

they took your power young, because they saw it in you.

that fire, that freedom.

they feared you.

they thought they killed you, but they thought wrong.

I See You Pretty Baby.

I See You Still. that Fire. that Freedom.

The Time for hiding is Done.

Show Yourself.

Learn Your Worth, Burn Them Down.

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