Dear Love: I hear you knocking!

Dear Love (8 years ago)

I hear you knocking on my door and I don’t know why because I didn’t call you. Last time I checked it wasn’t for me It was too much, too messy, too soft, too co-dependent, and just a bit too many emotions, they weren’t the good kind or maybe they were a few times but never lasting. It wasn’t for me It did save my life though and for that I did love…

Dear Love (2013)

…But I still haven’t decided if that is a good thing or not. I am almost done understanding how that the concept of love can complete and destroy you multiple times and in different forms in a single lifetime.

Dear Love (2 years ago)

You broke his heart when he only tried fixing yours. After all the lying, hitting, arguing, rage, pain, depression, numbness, counseling, surviving, passion, happiness, that later turns into misery, confusion, and finally freedom. That is when love disguised itself knocked at my door again. Took me by the hand to see the world, beautiful landscapes, people, food, sex, love, and endless passionate days. But we were too crazy, too much too soon, too unsure, too unstable, too hungry for more, perfect for one another but too far, too much, too poor, too complicated, too unwilling to open our hearts.

Dear Love (2013)

I hear you knocking love…

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