Beauty Painted Through Full Lips

On this night of the hazy full moon,
with a nice hazy mist like dreams

Softly clouding over my visions

of today-

and of that better tomorrow.
Nights like this take me there.
to the strong fierce voice of
lighting up the night

like that glistening pearl orb

shining away

the darkness.
And it is now I realize more than ever

Art is perhaps the most important
and most powerful

tool, weapon and medicine

we have for this movement-

for this long road of liberation

ahead of our trails

who without fail

will bring us down to our knees along

the way.

Crying out in pain

thinking we will never see the sun

rise once again.
And so it’s in those beautiful vessels

through her lips,

through their lips,

painting pictures of empowerment
for me,
for us.

Empowering us

And welcoming our minds back home

to our own inner strength

within our own bodies, hearts, spirits,

and souls.

Things which over time

will only get stronger,
stronger ,

more durable and resilient-
with each fall we take
Helped back up
Picked back up
by visions of beauty she


through her lips,

through their lips.
And I know now more than ever,

solidified concretely in my mind-

Art is our weapon that
cannot be compromised,
that cannot be jaded,
sold out

or prostituted
Because it will always reflect

what is real,

what is memory,


and dreams.
Dreams for a better tomorrow

in the steps we take today.
That fire to keep on Going On

Guided with deep earth

filled steps of love and

dreams and desire.
A most beautiful energy

reflected in this full moon


that pearl orb

showing you what she chooses

for you to see

upon earth

blanketed in dark silk night.

Dark silk like our skin

Dark silk like our words

Dark silk like our breaths

Which just





Up to the heavens

And down below on earth with all

four elements present-

does their art take me,

empower me,

enliven me,

rejuvenate me.
Green fresh colors of spring

Pink shine colors of dawn

Always new beginnings

                Always new beginnings

words and hymns

spoken to me through their

through their visions

in beauty painted through

her lips,

their full lips.

Strong mujeres,

fierce mujeres with bodies mirrored

of my own.

Seeing you, I know

we cannot lose.
For that is not in our vocabulary.
Not while we can still dance and

sing, write and paint, sketch

and play and laugh.

Not while we can still dream.
Not while we can still create.
Not while we still


and love

and live.

                Thank you, mujeres, sister warriors.

I know I had to find you

and your visions of beauty painted

through full lips.

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