A Letter to the United States People

Freedom Freedom Freedom Freedom Freedom Freedom Freedom Freedom 
Open your eyes.  No matter how painful the sight, look at it.  Look at it!
2 million in cages?  Masses of children being medicated for “mental disorders”?  Masses of poor people being medicated and told that everything they face is their individual problem and their individual fault?
War after war after war after war after war
like tv show after tv show after movie after film showing the same violence scene
and We Love it, do we?
…And it doesn’t look like war violence, cause by the way, folks, you can’t sell that shit
It’s too brutal, makes your stomach ache, makes you weep and vomit and rage.
That’s why they NEVER show you that shit,
just your pretty entertaining violence
and even torture scenes a lot these days, so I’ve been told,
and We Love it, do we?
Sometimes I want to scream bloody murder but
I wonder who will hear me.
I wonder who will know what I’m saying.
In the United States I feel like I’m in a tomb
that lives and breathes denial.
Hey People, did you forget
That you stand on Holy Ground
and that the Ground makes you live?
Hey People, did you forget
that everything built here is stolen?
You can try to bury it but the memories do not forget
They remember and remember and remember
and watch and watch and watch
When I look around sometimes
a rage boils in my being
and I want to scream bloody murder
I want to make a cut in this fabric
make it open up
instead of the same old long ass bullshit
like we ain’t never admitted shit
never said that everything we hold is stolen in this land
and that we are stealing it
Cause that’s what this country is.
And Pledge Allegiance to that
And your Soul be Damned
It was citizens who murdered countless Indigenous Mothers Children Fathers Families
It was their hands who committed genocide to
take Land to take Rivers and Forests and Coastlines and”Wealth” as those hands saw it.
And now here today
We stand here on stolen, poisoned ground,
on ground on which so many desecrations have occurred,
believing in voting and petitions and courthouse steps
living dying deaths
and vain.
Sometimes I want to scream bloody murder
but I fear my own voice echoing across atomic bombed landscapes
a voice crying in the desert
to ears clouded with garbled messages
We gotta get real folks
And anyone who can hear me
Get real
Get honest
Nothing less will do
We won’t salute those who choose to sink on the ship
who choose death instead of life
and easy delusion instead of painful truth
who lie themselves to sleep
and caused the world to starve
and bleed  
Americans, stop lying to yourselves about your government
Stop being silly and delusional.
Ya’ll heard any stories
about this here government
that make your knees tremble a little?
Ya’ll notice that everyone’s real real afraid of the government?
and no one really wants to admit it
because the government is very violent and sure wouldn’t have a problem killing us.
I notice that.  I notice that people play at struggle, pose for struggle.  I notice that there is a war against the earth, against the oceans, rivers, against water.  I notice this.  I see it. 
We defecate in water
That’s what we think of it.
We refuse to even touch our defecation, and we defecate in water.
Creature comfort bought and sold and screens mask your eyes from soldiers’ guns and funs
from children slaves making these products, impoverished hands crafting your riches
from the actual sight and feeling of war and genocide
yes the sights and feelings of genocide
Americans, you are displaying this denial to the world
And everyone can see
that products don’t buy wisdom
and money doesn’t make you good
Americans, as you sit hurraying on your thrones in the last throes
of this lifetime of death
Open your eyes
I don’t speak to all of you
There’s so many who will not even listen
But to those who do
who have,
who know,
Open your eyes
Speak from the depths of this place and time
That is where the Power flows

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