La Mil Amores

El Rokero Quita V-cards:

Very loud, very fast and left me very sore. It was like having sex with a rabbit in heat. My lonjas bounced all over, I could barely hold my shirt down and this fool couldn’t care less as long as his dick was somewhere in between my legs. I swear he popped out twice and was thrusting in between my left thigh and pussy lip. He made a weird O-face and his sweat kept dripping on me. I wanted him out of my room so I pretended my mom was coming home and he needed to leave. I later found out he was notorious for taking gorditas virginities, so I told him he wasn’t my first and that knocked him down a few notches.

El Footbolista Machista:

This one was older, about 9 years older. Very nice at first ‘cuz I told him HE was my first. He thought himself an expert on vaginas and thought I was tight, so he believed me. He was big and thought that was good enough for any woman. Like “I got a big dick, what else you want from me?” type of guy. He started talking about marriage and babies so I told him he needed to stop all this thinking and that his dick lacked character. And that was that.

The Cholito Who Got Away:

We knew each other since we were sixteen. I had a huge a crush on him. The kind of crush that makes you day dream about making out and holding hands and playing grab ass all day but he had sex with my friend in my back yard and I never wanted to see him again. He was friends with my cousins so I’d still have to see him here and there until I moved. Then I ran into him three years later and he looked fine as ever (like really fine… And grown) and he wasn’t lookin at me like some homegirl anymore either. We ended up getting high and had sex in his car that night. It was A M A Z I N G and a bit harder than I thought it would be. Here I was thinking/hoping I would one day bump into him and show him how I do and here he was turning me inside out. We had sneak-a-boo sex as often as we could. He’d sneak over to my house or I’d sneak over to his and we could go all night! It was dangerous for us to moan in our houses so we’d usually have that breathe hard kind of sex where you have to use a pillow and cringe your teeth when you’re about to cum, it was all good. Until he got a real girlfriend and our sexcapades were over without warning. I’m not gonna lie, that shit hurt.

My Friend:

I got really drunk a few weeks after the Cuddy Buddy break up and I ended up giving my friend head. It was wierd. We’re fine-ish.
If sex makes things awkward, sucking your friends dick just makes shit wierd.

It took me a while to get comfortable with anybody else after my cholo found him self a petite sexy trophy girl, but after about a year I felt like I was ready to mount the ole’ saddle again.

El Enojon:

I don’t know what else to call him except for maybe immature? He threw a fit because he couldn’t get it up and then blamed me for it. This dude had issues and I took it as a sign from the universe that this angry mans penis did not belong in my body. It was my first attempt at sex after about a year so I felt that maybe it was my fault. Like I wasn’t perky enough or I talked his penis straight into flaccidness. It was somewhat traumatizing but I know it wasn’t my fault. Dicks are strange. Almost as weird as their carriers.

El Delicadito:

Diosita mia, this man was sensitive! I know many women complain about men not being in tune with their emotions or their feminine side (myself included) but not every woman wants the same type of sensitivity. I’m more than positive that I made myself very clear to this man and that we understood that our relationship was nothing more than sex. I didn’t want cuddles afterwards, I didn’t need him to hold me while I came and I certainly did not want to hold him, I didn’t want to tell him about my days or even discuss ideas if they didn’t pertain to sex with each other. High-fives, great job, and see ya next time was really what I was looking for. I just wanted him inside me and then out my motherfuckin house. I got a few nice breakfasts out of this but I’m not ever in any kind of mood where I want to deal with waking up next to someone or worrying about some dudes feelings because I didn’t text or call all day. Fuck that. Well fuck that for now, I guess.

There’s been a few others but I don’t feel like they’re worth mentioning really. It’s just basic dick that didn’t leave me with much to say or think about. I don’t feel like my list is long, I hope to meet other men so that I can have more stories to tell. I don’t think I use men to fill any voids, that’s what food is for. I’m just on a never ending quest to find the perfect dick that’ll really satisfy all my needs. But that’s more than likely not to ever happen because my standards are high and dicks are pretty low. Maybe I’ll find the perfect mouth to eat me out all the time instead? Who knows, life is full of wonders and shit fest.

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