malintZINE would like to make some clarifications regarding our inaugural blog on 12/21/2012:

There is a severe need for accountability within the Chicano Movement in Tucson especially surrounding the preservation of Ethnic Studies. Our bodies and children are sacred and need to be protected from domestic violence and all other forms of gendered violence. We as an online community will not allow anyone to be further used as a scapegoat for voicing their opinions on this zine regarding the bullshit women go through in this community. If you do not like what you read on this site, do not read it and simply face this dialogue when you are ready – TEZCATLIPOCA! malintZINE will continue and does not need anyone’s approval. On this site ethnic studies is centered around women’s voices and dignity!

We will not be burdened with the “secrets” of the Movimiento.

We do not owe this to a movement that protects patriarchy.

This blog is about self-preservation, dignity, and truth.

Our voice is loud but not with the intent to silence. We speak and write as [undocumented] daughters, sisters, mothers, lovers, and queer people of color C/S

3 thoughts on “malintZINE would like to make some clarifications regarding our inaugural blog on 12/21/2012:

  1. All this brings me sadly back to a time in Students Against Sweatshops when we tried to confront sexism within our own organization. We beat our heads against the wall without much obvious progress. I went on to observe this same dynamic in other organizations I became involved in. Eventually, I kind of stopped being part of organizations altogether. Don’t let that happen to you, sisters. Someone, sometime, has GOT to get this stuff figured out.

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