I am moved to say que estoy tan cansada y que I am

Mother Daughter Sister Wife

A Strong Woman

Brown and Proud

Fighting the System

Part of the System

Never good enough

Never done

And so tired of the platitudes

My Daughter is young

And my Mother is old

And my Sister is Angry Haven’t we always been Angry

And my Father is ill

And losing his Thoughts

And losing his Way

Even as his Heart Goes On with

All of its Burdens

My Father

Who I learned to Forgive for being the Man the World Made Him

And I learned to Love for being the Man he had Fought so hard to Be

He Loved me from the start but he did not know then how to say

That the Patriarchy Beats Us down keeping us Fighting Battles on so many fronts that we fail to see

The Sea we are swimming in, the Air we breathe, the Enemy that smothers us all

Even those we are Fighting

We cannot see the Kyriarchy for the trees

He did not even know the Words

Not in English

Ni en Español

So we Fight our Mothers Daughters Sisters Wives Brothers Fathers Husbands Selves

And we are Tired. I am tired.

Y mañana seguimos con lo mismo

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