Who’s Helping Who

The system don’t give a damn about us, it’s trying to grind us all into dust.

We’re just a step away from losing our light, our warmth, our water, our home.

A step away from losing our life. line.

Cause light don’t wait for nobody.

Automated systems don’t respond to no excuses. no past dues or IOUs.

Cause our babies need to eat, even if its not certified organic.

This life doesn’t stop and let us breath.

This life doesn’t give back. rubs. after four-day long laundry.

Doesn’t let mamas rest.

He doesn’t say “you sleep a little longer, and let me take care of things this morning.”

“Do you have time for yourself?…”

The kind of question that gets the eyes that say “What kind is silly question is that?” without words.

Or “do you feel like you’ve sacrificed a lot for your kids?”

Really?! the answer is yes, of course. thats what you do.

“What are these questions for?” I don’t know either.

But really, I probably do know, actually.

They are for these charts that i have in my file cabinet at the office.

They are for my boss to maybe review, but most likely not.

So they can show their boss and their boss and their boss.

And so eventually someone from way up there can have “proof” that me sitting here with you and asking you these silly ass questions is bettering the health of your family.

100 black-ink-filled bubbles sitting on five pieces of white one-sided paper.

Papers that are really the paychecks that pay the boss of the boss of the boss. and me.

For “helping” you be “healthier.”

So that’s what that’s for.

“Proof” that you’re getting the “help” you need from us. from me.

Paychecks for us. for me.

How can i help you pay your rent & bills? When in actuality you’re paying my rent & bills.

Who’s really helping who? Where’s the proof?

The system don’t give a damn about us, it’s just trying to grind us all into dust.

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